8 Ways That Dentures Make Your Life A Bit Easier

Wondering how dentures can improve your daily life? In this guide from Shine Dental, we’ll discuss a few of the ways getting dentures in Sunbury can make your life easier. Read on and get all the information you need about the benefits of dentures.

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5 Steps To Increase The Longevity Of Your Dental Implants

One of the best things about dental implants is that they can last up to 30+ years, making them the most long-lasting method for tooth replacement. In fact, many patients are able to keep a dental implant for the rest of their lives. However, proper implant care is essential for a long lifespan. Learn more below from Shine Dental, and see the top 5 steps you can take for a longer-lasting implant.

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Dentistry And Coronavirus: Is It Safe To Visit The Dentist?

Not sure if it’s safe to see a dentist like Dr. Katelyn Miller during the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak? In this blog, we outline the steps we are taking to keep you safe, while providing excellent dental care.

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FAQs About Dental Crowns: Your Common Questions Answered!

If you need a dental crown in Sunbury, you may have some questions about crowns and the crown treatment process. So in this blog from Shine Dental, we’ll take a look at a few frequently asked questions that patients often ask Dr. Miller when they’re getting a dental crown. Let’s get started.

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What’s The Difference Between At-Home & In-Office Teeth Whitening?

If you have stained teeth in Sunbury and you’re interested in teeth whitening from Dr. Katelyn Miller at Shine Dental, you may be wondering what the best option is for whitening your smile. Should you choose professional at-home whitening from Shine Dental, or an in-office appointment with Dr. Miller? What’s the difference? Find out below! 

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Welcome to Shine Dental!

Ever since she can remember, Dr. Miller has always had a passion for art and science. In high school, she would have told you that she was either going to be a graphic designer or a medical doctor. During her last year of college, she took a job as a dental assistant, and the rest is history! It was then that she realized a career in dentistry would combine her artful skill and desire to improve people’s lives. 

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