Should I See a General Dentist Or a Specialist?‍

General dentists and specialists both perform dental treatments, but have different areas of focus. If you have gum disease, you can get this treated at a general dentist or a periodontist, but which one should you choose? Read on in this blog from Shine Dental to find out what sets general dentists and specialists apart.

What Is a General Dentist?

A general dentist is a dentist that doesn’t focus on any specific sub-specialty in dentistry. Rather, they prioritize general preventative, restorative, and cosmetic treatments that will prevent oral health problems and detect tooth decay and gum disease early. 

Most people go to a general dentist for regular dental cleanings, checkups, fillings, and other dental work that they need to be done. However, general dentists are not always the best choice when you have a very specific dental problem that requires more expertise and special techniques.

Benefits of a General Dentist

Seeing a general dentist is a cost-effective way to maintain good oral health. Attending regular dental cleanings and oral exams will save you money on invasive treatments in the long run. A general dentist also will treat patients of all ages, which is why they are often called family dentists. 

This enables you to get dental treatment for your entire family very conveniently so you don’t need to find a new dentist for your child once they turn 18. A general dentist is also perfectly adequate dental treatment for most dental problems. 

Whether you need a root canal, an extraction, or dental crowns, general dentists perform these treatments regularly to improve your smile and keep your teeth and gums healthy.

What Is a Dental Specialist?

A dental specialist is someone who completes additional years of schooling and training outside of the traditional 4 years of dental school to earn a qualification in a specific area of dentistry, such as pediatric dentistry, periodontics, endodontics, or cosmetic dentistry. 

Since dental specialists undergo additional training and schooling, they are more qualified in performing these specific treatments within their field. If you have had a history of failed root canals, for example, you may want to see an endodontist the next time you have a tooth infection. They perform many more root canals on a daily basis and have highly advanced, precise technology to perform them with greater efficiency and success.

Benefits of Seeing a Specialist

The biggest reason to see a specialist is because they have more expertise and training which will result in a better outcome for your specific needs. You will get your bang for your buck if you see a specialized cosmetic dentist for veneers rather than a random general dentist. 

When you’re investing thousands of dollars into your smile, you want to get the best result possible. The best way to do this is to see a specialist who performs these treatments much more often and has received more training and experience. 

A specialist also has more tailored tools and technology that enables them to perform the same treatment much faster and in a minimally invasive way.

Comprehensive Dental Care at Shine Dental

As a general dentistry practice, Shine Dental provides comprehensive dental care for patients of all ages. Because we don’t focus on a specific specialty, we’re able to offer a range of dental treatments to meet your round-the-clock needs. 

We’re a reliable dental home for when you run into a dental emergency or need to replace a dental filling. We can help you maintain your oral health with routine oral exams and cleanings. Contact us at Shine Dental today to schedule an appointment with Dr. Katelyn Miller.

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