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Love Your Smile

Cosmetic Dentist in Sunbury

At Shine Dental, Dr. Miller is proud to help patients put their best smiles forward. We offer a wide range of cosmetic options to help every patient achieve their dream smile. Whether you need a simple whitening, dental bonding, or veneers, we can help improve the appearance of your smile, boost your confidence, and enhance your health. Give us a call today to schedule a cosmetic consultation with your Sunbury dentist and discuss your needs!

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Whitening Options

Take-Home & In-Office Whitening

We offer both in-office and take-home teeth whitening kits at Shine Dental. During an in-office whitening treatment, Dr. Miller will apply a powerful peroxide to your teeth to restore the natural beauty of your enamel. In-office whitening is ideal for fast results, so it’s a good choice if you want a bright smile for an upcoming event.

Take-home whitening uses a set of custom teeth whitening trays, which will be made to fit your teeth perfectly. Dr. Miller will provide you with a professional whitening compound, and you’ll wear your trays according to her instructions for about 1 hour per day for 2-3 weeks. Take-home whitening provides a more gradual, but more long-lasting result than our in-office whitening.

Enhance Shape & Color

Bonding, Shaping & Contouring

Dental bonding uses a special dental resin to reshape your teeth. This treatment can be completed in a single appointment, which means that you can drastically improve the appearance of your smile in just one day! Bonding is minimally-invasive and reversible, making it a popular choice for patients considering cosmetic dentistry. During treatment, Dr. Miller will apply dental resin to your tooth, then sculpt it to enhance the shape and color.

Transform Your Smile


Dreaming of a straighter smile but don’t want to deal with clunky braces? Invisalign may be an excellent choice for you! Invisalign uses discreet clear aligners that gradually push your teeth into alignment. They are comfortable, removable, and best of all, not as visible as braces. Not only that, but you can enjoy the food and drinks that you love. You won’t have to worry about food getting stuck in your braces or breaking off a wire. Over the course of your treatment, you’ll receive new aligners every few weeks that will gently shift your teeth into a straight smile. Don’t wait for the aesthetic smile you’ve been dreaming of, get in touch today to get started on Invisalign. We can’t wait to see you smile with confidence!

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Cover Imperfections

Porcelain Veneers

Veneers are tooth-shaped dental prostheses. They are designed to fit over your natural teeth and cover up the front surfaces to enhance their shape and color, and hide any cosmetic imperfections. Veneers can treat problems like gaps in your smile, slightly-crooked or uneven teeth, serious stains, and many other cosmetic flaws. However, veneers are not a restorative treatment and should not be used to repair damaged teeth. To find out if you are a good candidate for veneers, schedule a consultation with Dr. Miller at Shine Dental today!

our Sunbury cosmetic dentists offer veneers

What To Expect

at your cosmetic consultation

Not sure what to expect at your cosmetic consultation? The process takes about an hour with Dr. Katelyn Miller at Shine Dental. To begin the process of your appointment, Dr. Miller will ask you a number of different questions about your smile, your oral health, and your overall health, such as:

  • Why are you interested in cosmetic dentistry?
  • What is your medical history?
  • What issues do you have with your smile?
  • Do you have a history of good oral health?
  • What is your budget for treatment?
  • What is your expected time frame for treatment?

The answers to these questions can help guide Dr. Miller during the next section of your consultation. At this time, Dr. Miller will perform a quick oral exam to learn more about your mouth, your oral health, and past dental work you may already have.

In addition, she may recommend that you have photos taken of your mouth to help with mocking up and designing potential treatments like teeth whitening, dental bonding or veneers.

Once your cosmetic consultation is over, Dr. Miller can help you learn more about the cosmetic options that may be right for your mouth, provide you with some “before and after” examples of patients who have had similar treatment, and discuss the cost of your treatment plan.

If you like what you hear and are ready to get started, you can schedule your next consultation right away, and begin working toward the smile you’ve always wanted.

Why Your smile

is worth the investment

Cosmetic dentistry can be expensive, and unfortunately, it’s rarely covered by insurance. But your smile is the first thing that people notice about you, and it’s worth the investment.

Why? Because if you feel self-conscious about your smile, this can affect many different parts of your day-to-day life. 

Maybe you don’t feel confident eating around coworkers or colleagues. Perhaps you hide your smile behind your hands when you laugh, even when you’re around family members. Or maybe you just avoid smiling completely when you’re around people you’ve recently met, just so you don’t have to show off your teeth. 

Cosmetic dentistry can completely change how you feel about your teeth. You can smile, laugh, eat, and speak without a second thought about your appearance, because you’ll know that your smile is brilliant, beautiful, and confident. That’s why cosmetic dentistry from Dr. Miller at Shine Dental is worth the investment.

the benefits of

cosmetic dentistry

The biggest benefit of cosmetic dentistry is increased self-confidence, but there are some other benefits, too. In some cases, for example, treatments like dental veneers can actually strengthen weak teeth, keeping them strong and healthy.

Investing in cosmetic dentistry also means that you’re more likely to take good care of your oral health by brushing properly, flossing regularly, and coming to Shine Dental every six months for an oral exam and teeth cleaning. This can help prevent future oral health issues like cavities and gum disease, preserving your smile for years to come.

See the Before and After

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