5 Benefits Of Going To A Family Dentist?

Wondering if looking for a family dentist in Sunbury is worth it? You’re in the right place!

Check out this short article and discover the five most compelling benefits of seeing a family dentist as opposed to a general one:

1. More Convenience

Having just one dentist for the entire family is more convenient from a logistical standpoint. No matter which member of the family has dental issues, you can go to the same source. 

Moreover, you can easily schedule regular check-ups for the entire family and get all your preventative care needs met on the same day.

2. Better Oral Care

A family dentist will have an overview of your family’s entire dental history, and this way they can take better care of your smiles.

For instance, did you know that many oral health issues are genetic? If the parent is predisposed to cavities, the children may be too. A family dentist will then be more careful to monitor your family for cavities and recommend special toothpaste and preventative procedures like fluoride treatments.

Overall, a family dentist can offer better care for the entire family because they become much more familiar with your specific needs. 

3. Easier Conversations

When the entire family sees the same dentist, a more open relationship forms, which allows patients to talk to their dentist without feeling embarrassed.

You can feel more comfortable talking to your family dentist about more sensitive topics, such as financial constraints. Children and teens may also be more open to talking to the family dentist about their habits or dental issues and trusting the dentist to care for their oral health.

4. Better Patient Education

If the relationship is stronger, patients can also receive lots of essential tips on how to care for their oral health from a family dentist. These tips can help the entire family and will be based on the specific needs of its members.

5. Long-Term Support

Family dentists can care for your oral health your entire life. It can be comforting to know that you have one person you trust to make sure all the smiles in your family are happy and healthy.

In the case of children, family dentists can oversee their development and continue to care for their teeth once they become teens and adults. Pediatric dentists, on the other hand, usually stop seeing patients after they turn 18, leaving them to find a new specialist and try to rebuild this relationship all over again.

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