Why Does My Child Have Swollen Gums?

Have you noticed your child’s gums are swollen and you wonder what might have caused it? You might be worried and wonder if it’s normal or if there is an issue that requires an appointment with your pediatric dentist.

In this article, we will explain the possible causes of swollen gums and what you can do about it so that your child can grow healthy teeth. We will also look at a few possible treatments that can help remedy the problem.

Reasons Why Your Child Has Swollen Gums

Several reasons can cause your child to have swollen gums. Depending on each cause, you can do different things to improve your child’s condition and oral health. 

  • Teething 

When your child’s teeth start to erupt, the pressure on the gums can make them swollen and red. If you see that the gums are swollen in just a few places and that a tooth might be coming out, that is most likely why the gums are swollen. While this is normal, make sure you brush your child’s teeth and keep proper oral hygiene so that the bacteria doesn’t spread. 

  • Poor Oral Hygiene 

Your child will depend on you to have proper oral hygiene, and it is important to clean their teeth and gums at least twice a day. Clean their gums and teeth as recommended so that the bacteria doesn’t grow. Avoid giving them a bottle before bed or sugary foods as this will help control the bacteria in their mouth.

  • Gingivitis 

The growing bacteria in your child’s mouth can lead to gingivitis. The bacteria causes plaque to build up between the teeth and gum, causing them to be red and swollen. In time, this can turn into more serious infections if not treated. Gingivitis is the result of poor oral hygiene, but the good news is that your child’s gums can be restored with proper cleaning of the teeth and gums.

  • Vitamin and Nutritional Deficiencies 

Even though breastmilk and formulas are complete foods that are able to provide nutrition to your child, your child might have a nutritional deficiency. A lack of Vitamins B and C can cause gum swelling. Talk to the pediatrician about it so that you start supplementing the lack of vitamins. 

As you can see, there are different reasons why your child can have swollen gums, but there is a solution to most of them. You need to practice preventive care in order to avoid disease and oral issues and ask for your pediatric dentist's help to look for solutions and care tips. 

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